Everyone here at Diamond Key Supply has been passionate about cars all of their lives, but got tired of working on them as mechanics. One of our family members came up with the brilliant idea of becoming an automotive locksmith which would make it possible to still enjoy and  play with cars, without having to extensively wrench on cars as mechanics do.

While this inspired many family members to branch out into their own lanes, such as residential and commercial locksmithing, we at Diamond Key Supply stuck strictly with cars. We ourselves are locksmiths during the day, so we understand the struggles of purchasing quality parts and struggling on a job, unable to program a key due to faulty products. Quality is an extremely important part of our operation and we aim to prevent customer dissatisfaction and complaints from out in the field. We also know how difficult it is to source quality products, especially when it comes to the European key market supply.

This is why we have created a resource for all of our locksmith colleagues to purchase their parts from, knowing they are going to get nothing but quality products and service. We are a small operation that understands how a locksmith thinks and what a locksmith needs. This is why our slogan is “Locksmith Supplies from a Locksmith”.


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